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What To Expect When You Visit

People visit a massage therapist for a number of reasons. The benefits of massage include…

  • stress relief
  • improved circulation
  • mental alertness
  • better quality of sleep
  • greater range of motion
  • pain management (chronic and acute)

If you haven’t been to a massage therapist, you may be wondering what to expect.

Setting An Appointment

Setting an appointment is easy – you can call Leah at 515-231-9593 (or text her if you prefer), or you can email her at leahmassage@icloud.com. She offers early morning, daytime, and occasional Saturday appointments. When you call, you’ll be speaking directly with the person who will be delivering your massage.

There is ample free street parking in front of the building, as well as a parking lot immediately behind it. It’s good to show up about 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled time, in order to fill out a brief questionnaire. Leah will talk with you about your responses, in order to get to know you, and what you’re hoping to get out of the massage.

Leah provides an awesome deep tissue massage in a very relaxing and peaceful environment. I would highly recommend her!

Dave H. from Huxley

What To Wear

You can wear whatever you want to the appointment. You’ll decide how much or how little you’re comfortable wearing during the massage itself – Leah will step out of the room while you get ready, and cover yourself with a sheet, lying comfortably on your back.

Leah uses a lotion specifically designed to not be oily, so it will not affect your clothes when you put them back on.

What Happens During The Appointment

For whatever length of session you request, Leah will work on you for the full time, not stopping early so that she can get on to the next appointment. Throughout the session, she will ask you how you’re feeling, and you will determine how intensely you want for your muscles to be worked.

Ames Massage StudioAs you can see by the photo to the left, the studio is a very peaceful setting, with quiet music playing if you’d like. Leah enjoys carrying on a conversation, but is just as happy allowing you to enjoy the relaxing silence and a little time to yourself.

When you’re done, you’ll have the option of setting another appointment for a future date. As for how frequently you should visit a massage therapist, Leah’s recommendation is to simply “listen to your body” – there is no correct answer, and Leah does not sell packages of sessions for this reason.

How To Pay

You can pay by cash or check. There is an ATM right around the corner, for your convenience. Massage prices are available here.

You probably still have other questions, and the best way to get answers is to speak with Leah directly. Just give her a call right now at 515-231-9593, or email her at leahmassage@icloud.com.